Charlotte Yonge PhD, Non Directive Expressive Arts and Play Facilitator,
The Rose and Crown Clinic, N Devon

The benefits of stress reduction includes being able to 'access our own powerful inner resources for insight, transformation and healing'. (Bangor University).  At Oxford and Bangor Universities pioneer training is offered that combined mindfulness with other psycho-therapeutic techniques.  Expressive Therapy offers a unique blend of relaxation and visualisation activities inspired by this work, integrated with Creative Journal and simple guided exercises designed to empower the individual's awareness and self healing process.

'Deep Sea Diver' - this picutres many parts of my inner self,
one that dives deep, another flies through the cosmos, another addresses
rocky, impossible blocks, and there is one side of me that 
loves to sail the nameless turbulences of life.

'Fire at Sea' - done in Acrylic, with my non dominant hand,
this hand liberates all my feelings, and tells the true story
of my inner Observer Self.

'Light and Dark' - collage brings unusual images together
to express the enigmas of the many selves within, all
happily josling for attention - I love the dark side best, it makes me
laugh and feel liberated.


Self care is also promoted at the Rose and Crown, where patients are given fact sheets and professional advice as to what they can do at home to prevent disease, maintain wellness and manage symptoms in  natural, holistic ways.

Stress reduction is one of the keys to good health. Research shows that the immune system is strengthened by a balanced, nutritious diet, regular exercise and relaxation, and emotional support.  Without this in place, weight control may get out of hand which can lead to a range of serious diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and digestive problems such as IBS.

Expressive therapy is offered at the Rose and Crown Clinic, 6 South St, South Molton, North Devon EX36 4AA: (


'Captain Karanga' - Non Directive Play and Expressive Arts in Home Education
uses sandtray, clay, paint, toys or a child's favourite construction kit. It can also
use puppets, characters, story improvisation, home video or computer cartoons.

Non Directive Play sessions help children to integrate their experiences of loss, 
upheaval and learning challenges, in their own way through play.

Charlotte Yonge PhD is a Play Team Association accredited Non Directive Play practitioner and trainer.  
She has special experience with Asperger's Syndrome, and offers training for parents and children's workers.

COST:  £30/one hour session + mileage  

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